Life updates in pictures. :)

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2016: get better at blogging. For my first blog post in a couple months, I thought I would share some quick updates with you all. 🙂

IMG_1419 I’ll start off with my work at the Office of Public Witness. The picture on the right was taken at an action that my office attended for Good Jobs Nation and the Fight for Fifteen. (More information on that here.) This was the third action that I have gotten to attend with Good Jobs Nation and Senate Cafeteria Contract Workers in their ongoing struggle for fifteen dollars an hour and the right to unionize. Here’s where I am going to shamelessly plug my office’s blog so that you can read more about the details of the action and what happened as a result of these actions!

At Miriam’s Kitchen, one of our guests was featured on an ABC news special with Chief White House Correspondent Jon Karl! Check out that story here! It was super exciting to see one of our guests get housed. 🙂

I also had the pleasure of packing up gift bags for homeless guests who visit the Radcliffe Room at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church where my roommate Angela works. Guests in need can visit the radcliffe room for clothes on Sunday morning, and the Sunday before Christmas they had personalized gift bags. Huge shout out to my roommate Angela for being the fearless leader of this endeavor!




Living in DC, there’s always something to do. For one of our community days, our site coordinator Sarah took us to the Renwick Museum.

I highly recommend going to see the Wonder exhibit at the Renwick if you are ever in town. Definitely worth the trip! I laid on a bean bag and stared at the bottom right exhibit for at least 20 minutes. The net is constantly changing colors.

As a house we got into the holiday spirit by going to Zoo Lights and the Christmas Tree lighting at City Center! (With an appearance by Scott at the Christmas Tree lighting).

I ended my 2015 by spending some wonderful time with my family, friends, and Scott at home. I’ve had a whirlwind of a year in 2015 and cannot wait to see what 2016 brings! This time, I actually promise to blog again soon. Gotta keep up with my resolutions! I’ll close with some pictures from home. 🙂

I hope you all had a happy holiday season! Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. Sending you all love and light!