“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” – Cesare Pavese

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all staying dry if you are in the areas affected by the hurricane. This rainy day has given me the opportunity to write¬†another quick life update. ūüôā

Since being in D.C., my house has done a lot of thinking about life giving experiences¬†or moments.¬†What experiences have given us life and what experiences have drained the life out of us. Here’s a glance at some of my favorite life giving experiences of the past couple of weeks.

I have two different work placements, so I’ll start off with Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s is an amazing place to work. While I was working one day, I helped a guest at Miriam’s apply for some jobs online. What was amazing was how grateful he was to me for simply taking the time to help him. The next day I saw the same guest at a bus stop and he gave me the biggest smile and thanked me yet again. The smile that he had on his face when he saw me sitting at that bus stop was a life giving moment. Sometimes I wonder if what I do matters or if I’m making any difference at all. The only thing I did was help him apply for jobs, but that meant a lot to him. That small act made a difference to him, and that is what matters.

Another thing that gives me life is the sense of community I feel with the staff at Miriam’s. I was really worried about this since I only work there one day a week. This past Wednesday night I attended a fundraiser event for open arms housing with multiple members of the Miriam’s Kitchen staff (pictured below).¬† I had such a wonderful time, and it was great to be in such a relaxing and fun setting with people who work so hard during the week for such a great cause.


I have been blessed with two amazing work placements.When I’m not at Miriam’s Kitchen, I am working at the Office of Public of Witness of the Presbyterian Church.The people there are so dedicated to their jobs and the issues of today. Every day I get to experience extraordinary people doing inspiring work. The Office of Public Witness is amazing in so many ways. ¬†Each day is definitely a new adventure there. The office is located right next to the Supreme Court building, so I don’t think I will ever get tired of getting off the bus and walking down the street to the office. It’s an amazing view, as pictured below. My office is on the left, the Supreme Court is on the right.


Two weeks ago, on the day the Pope came D.C., I had the opportunity to attend a strike with my boss, J. Herbert.¬†Federal contract workers were striking to protest poverty pay. (Here’s a really great blog post written about the strike:¬†http://officeofpublicwitness.blogspot.com/2015/09/the-struggle-to-make-federal-jobs-into.html). Different faith leaders were there to speak and offer prayers. Hearing the stories of those on strike was definitely a life giving experience.¬†A sense of unity could be felt among all those attending.¬†Their stories were heartbreaking, but their hope was inspiring.

IMG_0564At the end of the strike, when J. Herbert closed in prayer, that was a life giving moment for me. I felt like I was witnessing something truly special.

Another life giving moment that day, was getting to see a presidential candidate. The strike had multiple speakers present, and one happened to be Senator Bernie Sanders! I think that no matter your political affiliation, it is still pretty cool to see a presidential candidate. I did not see many of those in New Wilmington or West Newton. IMG_0471

After that exciting strike, my day still wasn’t over. I had the opportunity to attend the nuns on the bus rally! I even had the chance to sign their bus. (If you haven’t heard of the nuns on the bus, you should definitely google them..I don’t want to write too too much).


IMG_0603a IMG_0609Sorry I lied to you, that was not a quick update at all. These are just some of the moments that have given me life while at work. There are definitely many others. These moments sustain me, energize me, and excite me. I cannot wait to update you all on more of these moments!

Also, for those of you wondering, I did in fact see the Pope as he drove by me in his fiat. ūüôā